An electric kettle, or teapot, is used to heat water to prepare tea, coffee, or other hot drinks. It typically consists of a heating element at the bottom which is suspended over boiling water. Electric kettles are usually automated using digital controls and programmable timers. If you want to set the temperature on your electric kettle, there are several ways you can do it, depending on the type and fancy level of your kettle. Following are the different types of electric kettles:

Programmable Kettles

Programmable kettles control the time, temperature, and duration of the healing process. It allows the user to adjust the elements manually or by using a timer. They are used in commercial kitchens, restaurants, offices, and households for preparing tea or coffee. Programmable kettles are usually very expensive but are worth purchasing if you are into precision cooking. For example, they are handy when cooking for different servings of people at different times.  If your kettle is programmable, then the setting of the temperature is elementary. You can set the temperature level by turning the knob on the control panel or using a digital display.

Non-programmable Kettles

Non-programmable electric kettles have a small dial knob to regulate the heating process. It may also have a lighted indicator to show when it has reached its highest, lowest, or most stable temperature level. This type of kettles has single thermostats, which means they cannot be set to different temperatures at different periods in one day or one hour. The setting of the temperature is elementary. All you need to do is turn the knob on the control panel or use a digital display.

Automatic Electric Kettles

Automatic electric kettles have a heating element that keeps the water at a consistent, preset temperature for about 5 to 15 minutes or until switched off by an automatic timer or switch. They are helpful when you want to stay within a particular time frame to prepare tea or coffee. Automatic electric kettles usually have a programmable timer to set the temperature to maintain the water. When using this kind of kettle, you need to know the temperature you want your water to be heated and then adjust the temperature accordingly by turning your knob on the control panel or using a digital display.

Cordless Electric Kettles

Cordless electric kettles are battery-powered and, thus, portable devices and are no longer limited to kitchens and other places where electricity is available. They can be used to prepare hot drinks while camping or trekking. It is very light in weight and easy to carry around while traveling. Some models can be used in the car. Again, setting the temperature on cordless electric kettles is very simple. All you need to do is turn your knob on the control panel or use a digital display.

Digital Kettles

The most popular kettle on the market today is probably an electric kettle with a digital temperature control panel instead of a knob or dials to set temperature levels. These appliances are also programmable, and most of them have a control panel that can be programmed to automatically display the selected temperature for a preset amount of time. These kettles can be programmed to heat water at different temperatures, and most modern models can adjust the temperature in 5-degree increments. Digital kettles are easily programmed with a simple computer or smartphone. For example, it is possible to program your electric kettle to start boiling water when you set it to be ready. This is done by downloading an application on your phone called “AppWidget,” which you can download for free on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. To use this application, you need to have a smartphone that supports the Bluetooth connection. Then, download this app from the respective store and install it onto your phone or tablet device. Open this app from your smartphone and connect your electric kettle to the internet network through an Ethernet cord. Once connected, follow the programming instructions.

Once done, you can go to your smartphone or tablet device and choose the option for setting the water temperature. This will open a small program where you can set your electric kettle’s temperature level to start heating. The AppWidget is very convenient because it allows the user to set a time to get hot water and get heated water while away from their devices.

Best electric kettle with easy to set temperature feature

To make things easier and to help you find the best electric kettle with the ability to adjust the temperature. Following is the list and description of the electric kettles that will not require extra energy for temperature adjustment settings:

The Breville KBT600XL is considered to be the best kettle for setting temperature. It has foldable handles, so it is straightforward to carry it around anywhere you need. With its shape, it can also be used by children as a toy. But this electric kettle is not only designed for fun but an efficient appliance that can reach temperatures between 90 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit in less than 2 minutes. It also has a timer and auto shut-off feature, which will keep the element from overheating and remain safe from burns and sparks.

The Hamilton Beach PowerKettle is a kitchen appliance that can be used anywhere. It has a modern design and is very easy to clean. Its timer and auto shut-off feature also help keep the element from overheating, and it remains safe from burns and sparks. It has a water level indicator that will let users know when to refill their beverages.

The Nesco DCFM2000 is considered the best electric kettle because of its low price but with a lot of features on how it can save you more energy on heating water. It has a digital temperature control panel that allows you to adjust the temperature easily and quickly. It also has a folding handle which makes it very easy to carry around. Its foldable feet will keep the electric element from getting scratched and burnt while you are carrying it around.

The Hamilton Beach 49960 is another stylish appliance that is very easy to use and clean while also featuring a modern design and low price. It not only helps save energy but also keeps the element safe from overheating and burns. It has a water level indicator that will let users know when to refill their beverages.

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With so many options to choose from when buying an electric kettle, it is essential to know precisely what you need in a kettle before making a purchase. There is no perfect digital electric kettle, but one can suit your needs and budget. Check the features of the kettles carefully and see if they have an easy-to-use temperature setting feature. This will be one of the most critical factors in your decision to choose the best electric kettle in terms of accessible temperature adjustment settings.